YogaKiddy (English Version)

28.99 EUR
YogaKiddy (English Version)
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YogaKiddy (English Version)

28.99 EUR

YogaKiddy is an exciting game to learn yoga by having fun and discovering your body without competition. 

Game Rules

Players venture into a common quest full of postural challenges to find the pieces of a lost parchment that once read, will make the smile to the inhabitants of the planet "Tire-the-head". The adventure begins with a circle of 10 warm-up squares to continue on an infinite range of colored squares. Players evolve to the rhythm of the die, achieving individual or collective yoga postures according to the drawn cards. Some special cards display the illustration of a piece of puzzle allowing the collection of a piece of parchment. The game ends when the parchment has been fully restored.


Yoga Kiddy promotes the collaboration of players by performing individual or collective postures combined with a common quest. The game permits you to discover your body by having fun and practicing physical exercises and relaxation. It calms the mind, calms tensions and strengthens vitality.


  • 50 beautifully illustrated cards 
  • 1 tray (21 x 31 cm)
  • 2 stories "puzzle" (2 parchments cut into 9 pieces)
  • 1 white wooden dice and 6 x wooden colored pawns 
  • 1 sheet with the rules of the game, some practical tips and a brief introduction to yoga 
  • 1 box (21.5 x 16 x 4 cm)